Back in Time : a one-woman musical show !


You want to laugh ? Would you like to dream, to escape from your routine ? Are you lost in your life and you no longer know what to do ? So, don’t move ! We have found for you THE solution : Back in Time, the new show of Kameliya Afshari…

Kameliya Afshari affiche spectacle Back in Time one woman show musical comédienne actrice chanteuse voyager

« Growing up ain’t cool ! » Here is Kameliya’s observation, from her 21 years old. We don’t wait for Santa Claus anymore, but we do for our salary at the end of the month. We no longer want to « be a princess », we must take a « serious job to make a living ». People quickly put us in a box, otherwise we are beeing watched weird. We must start being answerable to people we don’t even know, otherwise we’re punished ! We no longer create stories to dream and laugh, but we do for lying and looking like. Enough ! That’s why Kameliya, accompanied by her musicians, decides to bring you with her through an excursion in time that traces her life

From her wish to meet the Prince charming to her debut in singing with teachers of a particular kind, flying to her vision of love revisited in the cinema of the 50s until today, you will come out with the smile !